The Butterfly Project: School Supply Drive

If you would like to learn more about The Butterfly Project please contact us via email or phone.

ButterflyCommittee@gmcu.org (314) 621-4575

Benefiting The Little Bit Foundation

Bring new school supplies to any of our Gateway Metro locations during the week of August 8 – 13th to donate. These school supplies will benefit the local organization, The Little Bit Foundation and support youth around the St. Louis area.

The Basics

Donation Week: August 8 – 13

Donate new school supplies

Drop off at any GMFCU location

Take advantage of the tax-free shopping weekend, August 5-7, to stock up school supplies for your kids and to grab a few extra supplies to donate to a great cause. Your donations will help young children and teens in the St. Louis area be prepared for the school season.

For 2022 our community service group, The Butterfly Project, has dedicated it’s time and resources to raising supplies and funds for The Little Bit Foundation. To learn more about each please read below.

What is The Butterfly Project?

Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union proudly works on a year-round community service project called The Butterfly Project. It is run by a group of employees who are dedicated to giving back to their community. The name pays homage to the Butterfly Effect Theory, which states something as small as butterflies have the power to create something much larger than itself. Our project’s motto “No act too small” serves as a reminder that even a small act can grow beyond measure. If you would like to learn more about The Butterfly Project please email ButterflyCommittee@gmcu.org or contact us at (314) 621-4575.

What is The Little Bit Foundation?

The Little Bit Foundation believes it starts with the dreams and ambitions, the character and education of every child. Their purpose is to help remove the barriers to learning while building up students’ confidence, dignity and all the other qualities that lead to success. It’s about educational equity – and filling the gaps with respect and kindness – and it begins with each of us.

At Little Bit, they hold no political affiliations or leanings, nor do they participate in policy advocacy. Their focus and strength is in serving their most under-resourced school communities, supporting students’ individual needs and goals, and celebrating their successes. Little Bit welcomes every person to join us in this journey.

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