Youth Share Certificates

Certificate Information


When you open an Early Foundations Youth Share Certificate, one of the benefits included is our free online financial education. These courses are a great way for young members to learn more about saving and managing money while your money is working for you in your certificate.

Complete three courses before your 18th birthday in order to receive the interest that was earned on the certificate.

To complete the financial courses, follow these instructions:

  1. Click here to go to our Guides to Money partner. Click proceed to leave our GMFCU site and you will be transferred to the financial course website.
  2. Click sign up for an account (Its free!)
  3. You will need to complete any three courses. Pick the topics that interest you most and that you would like to focus on.
  4. In each course you choose, go through all the starred links. Courses can be completed in any order and at your own pace. Course tests will become available when you complete all starred links within the course.
  5. You will receive a certificate for each course completed. Gateway Metro will receive a report on which courses you have completed.
  6. Once your courses are complete and Gateway Metro has received the report, you can just sit back and watch your money work for you until you turn 18!

We encourage parents to work with their children to complete the modules and discuss how the information applies to their life. However, modules should be completed by the minor

Additional FREE Financial Education tools for youth and adults are available through our partner Balance. Click here to access their site.